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Anlage Gut Buchenhof

Just 3 km from the city limits of Kempten, an ultra-modern riding centre emerged atop the Höhe Buchenberg and integrated into the rural world of hills and mountains. 34 stalls are available here. All of the 3 x 4 m stalls are outside stalls. Besides good food quality, sufficient fresh air is a guarantee for healthy horses.

The 63 x 24 m riding hall offers ideal riding conditions year-round during any weather, as this solidly-constructed hall features an insulated roof. At the new 70 x 35 m outdoor riding area, you can ride as if you were at the Wadden Sea.

8.5 ha of pasture await you. Excellent riding options offer recreational equestrians the perfect chance to get to know nature.

The cosy rider's tavern provides ample opportunity for socialising.

Technical specifications: 1,500 m² riding hall for training in dressage and jumping, outdoor area with a beautiful panorama of the mountains and the city of Kempten, 8 hectares of paddock, stable with 34 stalls for rent (stalls are 3 x 4 m with ample ventilation and light).

Breeding and training young horses.

We continuously purchase select foals and young horses, who enjoy 10 hectares of pasture and sufficient feed and vitamins at Gut Buchenhof for species-appropriate breeding. They are then sorted for selective breeding evaluation, broken in, and prepared for tournament.

Daniel Dassler

Daniel Dassler

Holiday Apartment

Holiday Apartment